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Dog Sled Tours

10 Mile Tour

Approx. 3 hours total
13 years and up: $300/adult, 5-12 years old: $200/child

All trip times are approximate, and depend on weather and trail conditions. The 10 mile tour is our most popular trip, about 3 hours in total length, with about 1.5 hours on trail. This is an out-and-back trail, where we stop at the halfway mark and give guests a chance to take photos, pet the dogs, and switch spots in the double driver sleds, giving everyone a chance to sit or stand. The remaining time (before and after) is spent however you would like! Want to learn how to harness and hook up your team? Or stay afterwards and give your team their dog cookies? The extra time built into your trip is meant for exactly that! You will be pulled by a team of 8-10 Alaskan Husky sled dogs, guided by an experienced musher. Our "Double Driver" sleds are designed to give guests the chance to experience standing and driving their own team, while being safely guided by a musher. We also have traditional toboggan sleds, where all guests sit and are driven by an experienced musher.

Terms and Conditions

Important information to know before booking your trip, please read thoroughly.

  • We offer two trips per day, a morning trip at 10 am, and an afternoon trip at 1 pm. Due to the limited number of sleds and guides we have, trips are limited to 6 adults or a combination of adults and children per trip. We can accommodate larger groups with advanced notice.

  • Children must be 5+ years old 

  • Children 5-12 years old are considered lap riders, and for safety purposes, will not be allowed to stand on the double driver sleds.

  • Children ages 5-12 will either be seated with an adult on the double driver sleds, or seated together in a toboggan sled driven by an experienced guide.

  • We operate our tours from -20F to 50F, please dress accordingly! Brings extra layers, especially for children! If the predicted high temperature for the day is not within these limits, we will do our best to reschedule your trip for another day, or if not possible, you will receive a full refund.

  • When booking, we will require the weights and ages of each passenger. While we do not have a weight limit, we do require that our passengers be moderately fit and are able to walk a short distance in deep snow if need be. Ask yourself, will you be comfortable sitting, standing, or walking for up to three hours in cold weather? If not, this may not be the trip for you. We reserve the right to refuse service without refund to anyone who does not meet these basic fitness requirements.

  • Cancellation Policy: 100% of the trip price is due at booking. If the trip is cancelled more than 14 days prior, the trip will be fully refunded. Trips cancelled 3-13 days prior are given a 50% refund, while trips canceled less than 72 hours prior will receive no refund.

  • "If your guide didn't tip your sled, tip your guide!" If you had a good time, don't forget to tip your guide! For groups of 6 or more people, 18% gratuity will automatically be charged.

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