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Morrison Racing Kennel

Dog Sled Tours in Paradise Valley, Montana

We operate our dog sled rides from December through March, trail conditions permitting, on the Mill Creek trail system in Paradise Valley. We are 10-15 minutes from Chico Hot Springs and Sage Lodge, and less than an hour from Gardiner and Bozeman.


About Morrison Racing Kennel

Morrison Racing Kennel, founded in December 2015, is owned and operated by Charmayne Morrison. Morrison Racing Kennel is home to about 30 Alaskan Husky sled dogs, and its primary focus is developing a mid and long distance racing team with the goal of racing the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in the future. In the fall of 2018, MRK moved to Bozeman, MT to combine kennels with Rob and Cara Greger of Anduril Kennels. Rob and Cara have been involved with sled dogs for 35+ years, and have served as mentors and kennel partners to Charmayne. There are about 35 sled dogs between Morrison Racing Kennel and Anduril Kennels, all of whom compete for a spot on the race team each year and help to give dog sled rides to guests from all over the world!



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